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Rabbid Kong Selfie Contest Winners Announced!

Check out our amazing winners from the Rabbid Kong Selfie Contest!

24/07/201705:49 PM

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay Reactions @ E3 2017

Check out what gamers at E3 had to say about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!

14/07/201702:26 PM

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An Interview with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Rabbid Peach

EXCLUSIVE interview with the woman who has her name on everyone’s lips! Rabbid Peach!

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Created in 2006, the Rabbids are a mysterious breed of creatures. Playful, clueless and totally unpredictable, the no-holds-barred Rabbids find fun everywhere, spoofing everyday situations and wreaking havoc as they explore the human world!

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