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Luigi: bring clear-sightedness and precision to your team!

09/18/2017 12:00 PM

Mario’s brother Luigi might occasionally tremble in the face of danger, but when the chips are down, he always rallies with the team to get the job done. A master of long-range attacks — arguably due to his fear of the front lines — Luigi has bravely led many 'fighting retreats' thanks to his advanced mobility.


  • PRECISION: According to his personality, Luigi uses a Precision weapon. This very long-range weapon allows him to keep a safe distance from the front lines, while striking the most troublesome enemies at the same time. This ability makes him a stable and powerful offensive asset that can widen your range of tactics.
  • SENTRY: Just like Rabbid Peach, Luigi unlocks a Sentry as Secondary Weapon, a weapon of choice that enables him to unleash havoc without leaving cover. This Sentry automatically moves toward targeted enemies and explodes once these enemies fall within its reach, dealing consistent zone damage.
  • STEELY STARE: Luigi, a long-sighted fighter, can easily distinguish any enemy that might step out of line. Stare grants Luigi a react ability during one turn, enabling him to shoot at any moving enemy who falls within his Precision’s range.
  • ITCHY FEET: Luigi’s role is to put constant pressure on enemies and force them to think twice before moving forward. He also creates and opens paths for his teammates across the battlefield. By enhancing the movement area of all nearby heroes, including Luigi, Itchy Feet enables heroes to get closer to enemies or reposition themselves in the combat zone.
  • DOUBLE TEAM-JUMP: Mobility and positioning are key to a sharpshooter like Luigi. With the Double Team-Jump movement ability, Luigi is able to Team Jump twice during his movement phase, granting him the opportunity to move behind enemies’ lines, flank them, and bypass their cover.


  • ITCHY FEET X MAGNET DANCE: Here is an easy combo that might put every enemy at the mercy of your heroes, no matter the heroes’ range. Magnet Dance will first attract the enemies and lure them out of cover. Then, Itchy Feet will enable your heroes to easily shorten the remaining distance and position themselves behind the enemy’s lines to flank them.
  • DOUBLE CLEANSING JUMP: Once you unlock the Cleansing Jump ability, you can use Luigi as a “Special effect cleaner,” by having him Team Jump on all the heroes that have been hit by an enemy’s or ally’s special effect.
  • STEELY STARE X SCAREDY RABBID / MAGNET DANCE: This is a very straightforward offensive combo. Activate Luigi’s react technique and then use Rabbid Yoshi’s Scaredy Rabbid or Rabbid Mario’s Magnet Dance to force an enemy to move, triggering Luigi’s Steely Stare, to complete the combo.
  • SUPER CHANCE X SENTRY: Activate Yoshi’s Super Chance to ensure your next attack will have a super effect. Then, launch your Sentry, dealing great damage and hitting your enemies with this super effect. For example, an Ink super effect would be a wise choice, as the remaining enemies won’t be able to shoot your teammates during their next turn.

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