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[Black Friday deal] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition

22/11/2017 12:56 PM

Ready to save the Mushroom Kingdom once again? Rejoice, the Gold Edition of the acclaimed Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is now available. And for Black Friday, the Gold Edition is available on the Nintendo eShop for the price of the Standard Edition (discount available until November 30th)!

The Gold Edition includes the original game + Season Pass:

  • 8 new solo challenges + 5 co-op maps
  • 16 new weapons
  • An exclusive world featuring a new hero*

Team up with Mario and the Rabbids in a turn-based combat adventure and experience the Mushroom Kingdom like you never have before - twisted by the mischievous Rabbids!

Explore 4 worlds filled with chests, secrets and puzzles.

Use weapons to outwit enemies in turn-based combat.

Meet 8 heroes with different skills.

Experience a twisted Mushroom Kingdom.

* Available early 2018

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[2017-11-22] RKB_news_goldedition_header

[Black Friday deal] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition

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