[2019-01-31] End of Season 1

The Winter Games are coming to an end… what’s next?

31/01/2019 12:00 PM


The community competition is still up and running but… the Winter Games are coming to an end! Many of you have already completed all three available challenges, but there’s still some time left for the rest of you who still need to gather all their courage before beating the challenges for, perhaps, a chance to meet with the fantastic development team and partake in a versus tournament at the development studio. Make sure to check out the roadmap of the community competition to know which challenges are currently available for the first season. You have until January 31st midnight to complete all three challenges and stack the odds in your favor.

We will select the four winners shortly after the end of the first season, and we will reach out to them directly during the second week of February.

Bwaaahjour Paris

In March, we will host the first Versus tournament at the development studio in Paris. The four winners of the first season will get to meet with the development team, as well as test their skills on the Versus mode against other challengers – and take a shot against a few members of the development team! Preparation is vital, even for heroes, so make sure to train before you jump into the fight in case you are one of the few lucky winners.

The Spring Games are also around the corner so keep training to prepare for the challenges of the second season. Things are about to get tough!

Rules of the community competition here.

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