[2019-05-09] Rabbids Merge Fan Art Contest Header

Rabbids Merge Fan Art Contest Winners

12/07/2019 12:00 PM


Thank you to all of the community members who took part in the #RabbidsMerge competition! Watching you all show off your creativity and conceptual magic throughout the competition has been wonderful. We’ve seen merges with various Ubisoft favourites, including Watch Dogs, Just Dance, Beyond Good and Evil and so much more! Having the Rabbids invade these worlds through your art is an absolute treat and the perfect way to usher in what we hope is a superbly creative summer in the community!

Competition was fierce, and the creativity was boundless. So, with that in mind, here’s the winners for the #RabbidsMerge competition:

First Place:

  • Coabix
  • Fabrizio Starkey
  • Mark Productions
  • Duck Duckington
  • Speedonyx

First place winners will receive a Collector’s Goodies Box, including four figurines, a tarot set, a signed lithograph and an exclusive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle t-shirt!

Second Place:

  • Rachel Hitchin
  • Jayson Wingo
  • Link2ZMS
  • Firecracker_SWT
  • DrQuack64

Second place winners will receive some snazzy vinyls!

Third Place:

  • Pineapplegrenader
  • Nskiller
  • Dopps
  • CinderHollow13
  • AlvinMunk500

Third place winners will receive some exclusive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle t-shirts!

Congratulations to our winners! Once again, thank you to everyone who took part, we hope to see you in the next Fan Art Contest.

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