[2019-04-29] Rik Interview Header

Community Focus – Rik, 1st Tournament Champion

29/04/2019 12:00 PM

Hey, Rik! First off, thanks for putting together this bonus challenge for the Spring Games. Was the bonus challenge you came up with your first idea, or did you weigh up several options?

Hello! My pleasure. First off, it was a huge privilege to take part in the winter games at the Paris studio; it was an extraordinary experience from start to finish! So, the specifics for the challenge went through a few iterations; I experimented with the idea of a speed-run boss-battle. I also experimented with a no-damage run but the Phantom is far too good at his job! His movement and range of attack covers most of the map. I already knew the battle was doable in two turns, so I figured that was a great place to start. I then just built the challenge up from there.

What do you think is the best part of the season format, as a participant? Would you like to see anything changed in the coming seasons?

Increasing the number of challenges per-season, one per-week, was definitely a positive. This has generated a great deal more discussion among the community, which can only be a good thing. Also, from a challenge perspective, the more criteria a challenge included, the more obscure the challenge, the more I enjoyed it; familiar missions I’d previously completed throughout the game became new, different and more difficult which added a lot of excitement. I’d love to see some sort of leaderboard implementation. Understandably, this may not be possible, but anything to add more friendly competition, score-wise, time-wise, would be superb. It could be somewhere players could store and compare results.

Is this challenge something you’ve done yourself previously, or is it something you think is challenging and you’re curious to see if the community can overcome it?

It was partly something I’d tried previously. During my playthrough of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, I made it a personal mission to complete every level in as few turns as possible as an extra level of challenge! So, I knew the boss-battle could be completed in two turns, my goal was to use this knowledge and then up the ante!

My priority for the challenge was to ensure that it was technically possible to be completed 100% of the time, every attempt—no critical or RNG required; the goal, essentially, was to provide players with a puzzle which simply required a viable solution. I also didn’t want there to be one very strict solution. It needed to be flexible enough to keep it fun, but specific enough for it to be appropriately challenging. The sensation of ‘figuring-out-the-puzzle’ will hopefully give players a great buzz!

Also, because the challenge is fairly tricky I wanted to use an imposed team, it sort of becomes a restriction and an assistance at the same time; the challenge difficulty is increased but there is a guarantee it can be done with those characters, it kind of gives the player a nudge in the right direction—you have to work within your limitations.

Being a tournament finalist yourself, what was the most challenging part of Season One for yourself?

Definitely having to wait for the next challenge!! Besides that, it was the Discord-exclusive challenge: ‘Call of Sherbet Mountain’. The complete restriction on weapon-usage really threw me and having to defeat a set number of enemies before a new enemy would spawn really took the challenge to the next level; it was the most difficult part of Season One, but also the most fun!

Should any of our players make it to the final themselves, do you have any helpful tips to give them an edge?

Definitely try out as many different combinations of characters as possible before the competition; experiment with the skill-sets you think you don’t like the look of, too. I spent a while trying to craft the perfect team on paper only to discover that, when I played a few matches against my wife, the team really didn’t work as a team, I’d selected three separate individuals. Other characters I didn’t feel I’d ever use, in real games, ended up becoming some of my favourite picks. Essentially, you don’t know a character until you’ve used it against a real opponent, or had that character used against you.

Lastly, most importantly, have fun! It’s a superb experience, the team were fantastic, as were the other competitors, everyone had their own unique stories; I definitely met some super special people.

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[2019-04-29] Rik Interview Header

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