The most eminent historians have confronted their knowledge and gathered numerous clues to reconstitute the Rabbids timeline. While they became famous in 2006 with their first videogame, evidences suggest that the Rabbids might have been influent throughout our history.

- 17,000

First evidence

Lascaux cave paintings feature some unidentified drawings of short creatures with 2 long ears and teeth. Could this be the first evidence of Rabbids’ presence on earth?

- 1500

Plagues of Egypt

The Rabbids keep exploring earth and wreak havoc in Egypt. This period is thereafter known as “Plagues of Egypt”.


French Revolution

Afternoon of July 14th, 2 Rabbids struggle over a frivolous matter. Quickly escalates into the French revolution.


First step on the moon

On July 1969, Apollo 11 lands on the moon. But no sign of Rabbids there?! Probably why they called the landing site “Sea of Tranquility”.


1st video game

It all started with a videogame. Rayman Raving Rabbids initiate the worldwide phenomenon of the Rabbids. This is the first documented appearance of the Rabbids, invading and twisting Rayman’s world in this memorable Wii party game.


Earth invasion

After the success of their first video game, the Rabbids are back. And this time, they have a new objective: invade planet earth! Beware.


Financial crisis

The Rabbids watched “Wall Street” and started getting involved in the financial business. They came up with a new idea: subprime lendings…


TV stars

The Rabbids are driving Rayman crazy one more time. This time, they have taken over almost every channel, from music to movies - even TV ads!


Fly me to the moon

The Rabbids are no longer in Rayman’s shadow and have become independent with their first comedy-adventure! As usual, they have an infallible plan: collect objects into a giant pile to go back home to the moon... or near enough!



In their latest attempt at taking over, the Rabbids have stumbled upon a time-travelling washing machine. They have therefore set out to invade our history!


1 million fans

The Rabbids might have failed at conquering earth, but with their spoofs and crazy ideas, they’ve surely conquered Facebook.


Rollercoaster thrills

To celebrate the release of the WiiU, the Rabbids have taken over an amusement park. No doubt they’ll enjoy their day with all the attractions and games.


Rabbids Invasion TV series

Rabbids’ invasion of the human world take a new turn with their dedicated TV series. Discover the Rabbids’ daily life as they explore our human world.


Discovery of Virtual Reality

The Rabbids are up for a big thrills with their Virtual Reality ride.


Olympics attempt

The Rabbids are determined to attend the 2016 Rio Olympics… but, surprisingly, don’t manage to qualify in any sport. Usain Bolt can be reassured.


Happy 10th anniversary

The Rabbids are celebrating their 10th anniversary. No doubt they’re ready for a mad party, and much more years of fun!


Rabbids in your pocket

After home consoles, Rabbids are expanding to smartphones. They can now follow you everywhere in this new adventure to reach the moon!


Mario and the Rabbids!

This is the story of an unexpected encounter between the most iconic video game hero of all time, Mario, and the irreverent, chaotic & cute Rabbids.

To be continued....

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