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Little secrets of Ancient Gardens: How to improve your team to get ready for all the battles!

10/10/2017 09:00 AM

Greetings, adventurer!

You’ve just made clean work of all the enemies in Ancient Gardens and are about to tackle the next world with confidence. However, do you think you’ve discovered all the secrets of this world yet?

Whether you found yourself in trouble trying to beat World 2, or you just want to make sure you have everything you need to ensure a pristine, “Perfect” score, this article is for you!

Revisit the Ancient Gardens by using the Wooden Cannon

We’re not talking about redoing battles via the Washing Machine here, but using the Wooden Cannon at the end of the Ancient Gardens road. From Peach Castle, find the Ancient Garden road and follow the coins until you reach the cannon.

Challenges and hidden chests will help you level up your characters

The world of Ancient Gardens is full of hidden secrets. When you first explored it, you may have noticed that to reach some areas you require abilities that you didn’t have. So, obviously, it’s time to go back!

Just don’t think that going back there is for collectibles only! Of course, replaying the Ancient Gardens will give you bragging rights to all your friends, but it will also give you a few boosts for the campaign ahead.

Ten new challenges are available in this World. If you defeat these challenges, you will earn Orbs to build your skill tree, and Coins to buy powerful new weapons.

A Secret Chapter?! Where is it?

Want to be more than prepared for the rest of your adventure? Make sure you find the secret chapter (hint: look to the right of the map!) After you win the battles you’ll encounter, you’ll be rewarded with 4 golden weapons and 3 chests full of orbs!

AG Golden Weapons

Okay… we know! All you want is orbs & weapons!

Ancient Garden offers you the possibility to open 28 chests (full of orbs, artwork, songs, and 3D models), three blue cannons, and three red ring challenges.

Now, we know that all the collectibles are super neat (I mean who doesn’t love 3D models and soundtracks!), but you can’t swing a record at an enemy in battle.

We wanted to give you a few hints as to where you can find some coveted Orbs and Weapons that’ll let you take the fight to those pesky Rabbids even harder.


If you’re after some heavier weaponry to add to your arsenal, there are a couple of weapons that you can pick up on your travels through the Ancient Gardens. Make sure that you already collected all the chests you can find via the three Blue Cannons and the three Red Coins Challenges during your first walkthrough. It could be a challenge, but the phat loot is worth the struggle.


There are a bunch of Orbs dotted all around the Ancient Gardens, grab ‘em and you’ll be able to up your skills and get your techniques in check. Follow our handy-dandy totally specific and not at all vague tips to find them all:

  • Make sure you check out all the platforms past our favourite chilled Sunflower bro.
  • THREE Chests full of Orbs, count them, THREE. All are hanging around the platforms between the dark leafy jungles and a big ol’ brush (Yes! In the Secret Chapter!).
  • Last one in the area! Climb the tower, claim what ye seek!

If that’s STILL not enough for you, and you’re raring to sink your teeth into some more of the mysticism and mayhem that the Gardens have to offer, take a look at our CHALLENGE MAP. This aptly named little number will guide you to all of the challenges in the area, so lock ‘n’ load and get in there!

AG Challenge Map

So, there you have it! The Gardens are a lot more complex than you thought, eh? Find your best scarf and go time travelling (sort of), there’s so much to explore and great rewards for the strong-willed! Be brave, adventurer!

Feel free to share your all-cleared Ancient Gardens screenshots with us on our forums, Facebook or Twitter and tell us about your favorite/most challenging part of this Map!

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