[2018-12-13] MRKB Communty Competition Guide Header

Community Competition: Registration Guide

12/13/2018 09:00 AM

Ready to take your first steps into the Community Competition?

Don’t pull out the blasters just yet! Before jumping in, make sure to read the few steps below to ensure that your participation is confirmed and the completion of your challenges registered.

If you haven’t registered yet and are interested in participating to get a chance to be invited to the development studio for a Versus tournament, visit our registration page.

[2018-12-13] MRKB Community Competition Steps

1) Change your Switch nickname. Once registered, check your emails to get your unique challenger’s nickname and enter it into your Switch: double tap your profile icon on the top left corner of your Switch homepage and change your nickname.

Using your unique challenger's nickname is the only way to confirm your registration and ensure the completion of the challenges is saved. After beating the first challenge online, you only have to keep your challenger’s nickname for 48 hours. Then, you're free to switch back to your previous nickname. 

2) Connect to your WiFi. If you complete the challenge offline, we won’t be able to confirm your participation.

3) Update the game. Download and install the latest version of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. 

4) Launch the game online. 

5) Access the battle. We are challenging you to replay battles under specific conditions and you can access them all directly in the Washing Machine, near Peach’s castle. You only have to select the battle. Take a look at our competition roadmap to know which challenge is currently live.

6) No sleep mode. While completing a challenge, do not let your console enter sleep mode. Please restart your console before completing a challenge.

Do you have questions? Check our FAQ, or drop us a message on Twitter @RabbidsOfficial!

Read the competition rules HERE.

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