[2018-12-13] Roadmap Header

Community Competition Roadmap

12/13/2018 09:00 AM

The community competition is live, and so is the roadmap for the three seasons!

[2018-12-10] RKB Challenges Roadmap

Throughout the year, we will challenge you to replay battles under our conditions. At the end of each season, we will select four players randomly among all the players that completed the challenges successfully, and invite them to compete in a Versus Tournament at the development studio in Paris or Milan. Stack the odds in your favor by completing all the available challenges there are for the live season: the more challenges you beat, the more chances you get to be selected.

You have until the end of the live season to complete the challenges. For instance, you have until the 31st of January to complete the challenges for the first season.



[2018-12-13] RKB Challenge 1

“Cold Hands, Warm Heart”

World 2 – Chapter 1 – Battle 1


  • Finish in one turn.
  • Only use primary weapons.
  • Don’t use any React Technique (Hero Sight, Steely Stare, Egg Beater, or Royal Gaze.)
  • No easy mode.
  • No damage taken.


[2019-01-03] RKB Challenge 2

“It came from the Freezer”

World 2 – Chapter 9 – Battle 1


  • Don't use any hero's techniques.
  • Use only secondary weapons.
  • Don’t use Dash, except for the final action.
  • No extra-health mode.
  • All heroes alive at the end of the battle.


[2019-01-16] RKB Challenge 3

“Shields of the Sherbet Desert”

World 2 – Chapter 6 – Battle 1


  • Finish in two turns.
  • Use the imposed team: Mario, Rabbid Mario, and Rabbid Yoshi.
  • Don't use the extra-health mode.
  • Don't take damage.
  • All heroes alive at the end of the battle.
Have you completed the three challenges available for the Winter Games? A bonus challenge is available exclusively for the community on the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Discord. Join us now!


Spring Games Competition Roadmap



Read the competition rules HERE.

Do you have questions? Read our FAQ.

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