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Learn how to counter and prepare for enemy super effects and techniques.


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Learn how to navigate this battle on the central plaza.

Combat Quick Tips

Try these tactics to tilt the battle in your favor!

Take the High Ground

Line of sight improves and attacks do more damage when you hold the higher ground in relation to your enemies.

Side by Side

Attacking an enemy from behind or even from the side gives you a big advantage. Be strategic with your movements and use cover points to surprise your foes and protect against hostile fire.

Take Your Time

Think before you act – what techniques, attacks, or moves can your Heroes perform to tilt the odds in your favor? Remember that timing matters it's not just how you act, but when. You can cycle through the possible actions for a Hero using L and R buttons (or the + pad).

Super Effects

When selecting a weapon, don't forget to take Super Effects into account – they might just give you the edge you need to win the day. Hint: Try using Honey against Smashers to keep yourself out of a sticky situation.

Be The Dashing Hero

If you need to change position, why not dash during your move action? You'll do damage to your enemies with zero penalty to your move range.

Before Battle

Before the fighting beings, use the Tactics Cam to explore the battlefield and get the lay of the land so you can form a plan of attack. Know where the pipes are – you never know when you'll need to beat a hasty retreat and you can use them to surprise enemies.

Character Guides

Want to know more about using your favorite characters in battle? Click below for more tips in our Mario + Rabbids character guides!


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