Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay Reactions @ E3 2017

14-07-2017 02:26

Didn’t manage to make it to LA for this year's E3? We’ve got your back! We had the chance to talk to our Creative Director, Davide Soliani, as well as a bunch of excited gamers that managed to get their hands on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the show floor. Check out what they think about their experience with the game, and Davide’s thoughts on the project reveal at E3!

And that about wraps it up for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at E3! We had an absolute blast at the convention, and we hope that you like what you’ve seen so far! Stay tuned for MORE fresh content, and be sure to check out our Forums and Twitter if you have any questions for us! We promise we don’t bite, not all the time anyway.

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