[2017-09-14] Ancient Garden Map - HEADER

Delve Deeper into the Ancient Gardens!

14-09-2017 09:00

The Ancient Gardens is a mesmerizing place, filled with wonder, excitement and PLENTY of mischievous Rabbids.

This map will give you a lay of the land, so you’ll know which sights to see and where to get ready to throw down as you make your way through the lush jungles and sticky swamps.

Get ready adventurers, this is one wild trip!

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Donkey Kong Adventure, de derde en laatste DLC van de game met een gestoord team in de hoofdrol!

Ontmoet een gestoord team met twee nieuwe, speelbare helden: Donkey Kong en Rabbid Cranky in de Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC.

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[2017-09-14] Ancient Garden Map - THUMBNAIL

Delve Deeper into the Ancient Gardens!

Learn more about what awaits you in the lush landscape of the Ancient Gardens!

14-09-201709:00 AM

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