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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Combat System

Enemies out to get you? In MY videogame? It’s more likely than you think! Have no fear though, we’ve assembled a handy dandy guide on how to effectively kick some Rabbid butt.

Your team in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the backbone of your combat efforts. Each character has a variety of different skills, weapons and techniques that you can put to use to stop your enemies in their tracks. It’s up to you to decide which team member would be the most suited to each situation.

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There are a few simple rules to combat that you should follow. Look around the battlefield, see where your enemies are hiding and try to find the best tactical points to take them out. Take cover, to avoid any retaliating fire, then Shoot, hit ‘em right between the eyes! Rinse and repeat, and you’ll be a sharpshooter in no time.

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Each character also has access to some pretty nifty skills that can definitely turn the tide of battle in your favour. Each of your team members will have access to a skill tree, which will give you the ability to unlock skills and upgrades as you progress through the game.

Technique such as Mario’s Hero Sight, which allows Mario to shoot at an enemy as they move into his line of sight, can offer a huge tactical advantage, and it’s always important to remember which skills you have available, and to use them appropriately to dish out the damage or keep your teammates safe and sound.

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With so many weapons, skills and techniques to unlock and discover, there’ll be lots of possibilities to switch up your party and tactics to fit your playstyle. But, we’ll keep this article brief, we can tell you’re just itching to get out there and kick some tail! Keep these pointers handy, and remember to always do it with style.

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