Rabbid Kong Selfie Cover

Rabbid Kong Worldwide Selfie Contest – June 13-15th, 2017

Don’t be jealous of Rabbid Peach, and your friends who could meet us at the E3 Convention Center! You can have your very own selfie with Rabbid Kong too! If your selfie is original enough, you could even win some exclusive prizes.


  1. Download the asset pack here with the Rabbids Kong PNG files
  2. Create a selfie montage with at least one person and the Rabbids Kong PNG File of your choice.
  3. Share your selfie montage on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #RabbidsKongSelfieContest and #MarioRabbids

We couldn’t resist taking a picture with the handsome Rabbid Kong either! Here is an example of what we’d like to see:

Rabbid Kong Selfie WW Image 1


Grand Prize:

One (1) 6’’ collectible of his/her choice, with a choice of “Rabbid Mario”, “Rabbid Peach” and “Rabbid Luigi” + one (1) cap

Rabbid Kong Selfie WW Image 2

2nd Prize:

One (1) 6’’ collectible of his/her choice among the two (2) collectibles left + one (1) cap.

3rd Prize:

The final 6’’ collectible + one (1) cap.

4th Prize:

For the Winners ranked from 4th to 10th: one (1) cap.

5th Prize:

For the Winners ranked from 10th to 15th: one (1) t-shirt.

6th Prize:

For the Winners ranked from 15th to 20th: one (1) set of four (4) pins.


Download the complete rules here

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