An Interview with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Rabbid Peach

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got the interview you’ve all been waiting for. An intimate one to one with the HOTTEST upcoming celebrity that you can meet in the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Trailer here , Rabbid Peach! In her totally original pink gown ‘n’ crown chic outfit, Rabbid Peach dropped jaws all across the lobby as she came to our office for this exclusive interview. Here are some excerpts from the mind of her majesty herself (translated for your reading pleasure by the great Beep-O):

I might not have a nose, but I can smell my enemies fear!

Rabbid Peach Gun

First off, it’s a pleasure to have you here Rabbid Peach! How are you adjusting to your new life here?

“Well, it’s certainly…different. There’s a lot of butt to kick, and you KNOW I do it well. I might not have a nose, but I can smell my enemies fear! There’s definitely not enough class for a girl like me though, have you SEEN the clothes these bad guys are wearing? Yuck.”

Understandable! You mentioned kicking butt there, care to elaborate?

“Oh gosh, it’s easy really, darling. I mean the rest of my beloved team might struggle sometimes, but I’ll gladly put them all on my back. These bad guys mean nothing to me, if anything they’re just good exercise!”

Impressive! What’s it like working with a team, especially legends like Mario himself?

“Well of course the team NEEDS me for anything to work properly, but they’re a cute bunch. They mean well, and I know that my kind of healing talents don’t come easy to just anyone. Mario though? That man can do EVERYTHING! He’s strong, fast, smart and incredibly handsome to boot. You could say me and him are the dream duo.”

Speaking of duos, Mario and Peach are an iconic partnership! What’s your take on the situation from the inside?

“Hmph. Are we here to talk about me or irrelevant things?”

Sorry, sorry. Back to you. We’ve heard that you’ve become addicted to the ‘Selfie’ phenomenon. What’s the secret to a good profile picture?

” She giggles. “Well step one, become a gorgeous diva like myself. Step two, make sure you get those super sweet one time only selfie snaps! Danger is glamorous, baby. Step 3? Work. It. Girl. Oh, by the way, to see the BEST pictures with a PERFECT model, make sure to follow @rabbidpeach on Insta!”.

”There’s only room for one Queen Bee, and that’s moi”

Wow! There must be waves of people out there who are absolutely inspired by you. What kind of advice would you give to someone trying to make it to your position?

“Don’t bother. There’s only room for one Queen Bee, and that’s moi.”

Rabbid Peach Magazine

Well thank you for your time Rabbid Peach. It’s been a total pleasure to interview you. Anything you’d like to say to all the fans at home before you go?

By this point, Rabbid Peach had already taken out her phone and begun to take hundreds of selfies around the room. “Hmm? Oh uhm, don’t buy tacky clothes and always be yourself! Don’t let anyone intimidate you or bring you down, you’re strong and independent and own your future! Oh, and make sure to follow my social media accounts! Kisses and see you for the game’s grand release, on the 29th of August!”

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