Rabbid Kong Selfie Contest Winners Announced!

24.07.2017 05:49

The Rabbid Kong selfie contest is now OVER! Thank you all for your fantastic, creative and downright absurd entries, we’ve had a blast looking over them all and now it’s time to announce our winners!

Our GRAND PRIZE winner is... Aryap007! We absolutely loved Aryap’s creativity here, bumping chests with the main man Rabbid Kong himself!

There were so many amazing entries, but we could only pick 20 winners! Here’s a sample of some of the other awesome pictures we received:

You can view the rest of the winners in our Winners Album on Facebook!

Prize winners will receive their prizes shortly after the game is released, in September, and we’ll contact you via private message to sort out where we’ll send the prize!


Thanks again to everyone for participating, and see you in the battle on August 29th!

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